Octavio Pineda

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En estos poemas animales, representantes de trece especies amenazadas toman la palabra y lanzan un grito de auxilio a su mayor depredador, el ser humano.


In these animal poems, representatives of thirteen endangered species take the floor and call on their main predator, the human being, for help.


Dans ces poèmes, treize ambassadeurs des animaux prennent la parole et appellent au secours leur plus grand prédateur, l’être humain.

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The book of old trades

In this fast-paced era, in which technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds, there are trades that have remained relatively unchanged over time and continue to be carried out in almost the same way as decades or even centuries ago.

Amanuensis, coachman, apothecary, plumber, cobbler, antiquarian, angler, tailor, house painter and gravedigger are some of them, re-potentiated in these pages thanks to the power of fresh, innovative re-creations, unexpected twists, or meticulous – almost instructive or inventoried – descriptions.

With colorful stories and characters that have kept a tradition alive, as if time itself, which devours and ends everything, had just left them forgotten in a corner, this book is a literary exploration of the survival of some of these ancient trades, an approach to the enduring richness of their words and worlds.

The third root and other stories

This book initially arose from the author’s bet on dusting off, rediscovering and giving new luster to ancient words which, although not removed from the memory of mankind, have fallen into relative disuse in an era of digital illusions. But as it always happens with the unfathomable mystery of literature, that original bet overflowed the creator very soon. Scenes of great visual plasticity, enveloping atmospheres and endearing characters began taking over the stories, which, to the rhythm of that other – also hypnotic – dimension of words, their sonority, will end up fixing in the reader’s memory.

Balance Sheet

Energy is not created nor destroyed, only transformed, reads a basic principle of physics. By acts or omissions, all that we live or give up becomes an input for literature.

In the pages of this book, readers will find short, multiple stories that exude eroticism, love and heartbreak. Love as exotic vision, as mirage, sometimes conquered and other times spoiled, like water running out of our hands in that eternal search for reconciling ourselves and being one with the world.

Readers will also find a benevolent, compassionate look, not exempt from anguish about the passing of time – always relentless –, and will rediscover a social reality that, viewed through the literary lens, becomes even funny or colorful, without leaving complaint aside.

The family circle and literary games complete this wide variety of stories that, because of their high dose of humor and irony, are not only refreshing, but reflective and calling to readers’ introspection and complicity. (Title only available in Spanish)

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Oh darling, don’t love me so much

Few books had portrayed before, so subtly and with fine irony, and at the same time so directly and honestly, the tribulations of women’s spite: that universe of emotions detonated by the acts or omissions of their passion’s object – men that sometimes are reflective or loving; other times, indolent, and most of times, instinctive and pragmatic. Nine short stories that, interwoven, give the book a thematic unit wrapped up by a categorical title.

In a broader perspective, the book explores complexity of human relations – in particular those of partners – in a demystifying and therefore revealing tone. Partners, ex partners and love triangles are the protagonists. (Title only available in Spanish)